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After 8+ years teaching PC Assembly Language on the Internet and reaching 75 years of age I thought it was time to retire.   There are many excellent homepages on the Internet teaching PC Assembly Language with tutorials and demo programs.   From the Internet go to the A86 assembler author's homepage at http://eji.com and select A86.com.

            best on the web WINNER            best on the web WINNER


Flying career US Air Force-Airline-Commercial 15 Chapters

     US Air Force Hurricane Hunters Squadron, Keesler AFB, Miss.

          Fifty years of sailboat racing with the Chautauqua Yacht Club

  Chautauqua Institution Maps

   Bill Gates early days 65 pages

  Long ago built a steam engine

  George Mallory lost 1924

  Can computers think?

   Questions and answers?

   Getting hit counts from an NT server

   Converting a large text page to a correct .html page

   My favorite program edit/modify any/all real memory

   Agents live inside computer environments

   Systems may help in decision making

   Equations on SUPER Computers

   Flies formation with BAC Concorde

Built a psuedo train for my young children ages 3, 5 and 8.

   Tutorials no longer available for download. Display them.

Tutorials no longer available for download. Display them.

   Tutorials no longer available for download. Display them.

   Barrel roll a World War 2 P-38 fighter plane.

   Motor reflex timing with an alcohol delay

   Grandad starts to build Wright Brothers replica biplane

Cracking the new 1985 Television encrypted satellite television channels

   Grandad's hobby of building and tilting with windmills

Lexitech Touchscreen Information Systems

   Grandad's boats and sailboat racing for my grandchildren

Switching from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 a real pain in the ass

   Windows 95 can semi-automatically recognize your modem

   Visitors to your homepage in Windows NT.

   For counting INDEX visitors to your homepage.

   For encrypting ASCII with program's source code.

   Animating text demonstration program.

   Decision support programs a new form of programming.

  A long demo of protected mode programming documentation.of protek.exe

   Count visitors to your homepage using Windows 95 or Windiows 98.

   Best video textbooks for newcomers.

   IBM PC symbols ASCII, decimal, binary and hexadecimal 0 thru 255.

  IBM PC Keyboard scan codes for all keyboard combinations.

  Tracking tropical storms and hurricanes.

About the microcomputer revolution - 17 chapters

Frames are easily vulnerable for hackers.

Simplest JavaScript for add, subtract, multiply and divide demonstration.

Long story about California Mountain Lions surviving to this day.

Will astronomers search the universe for planets like ours.