_1. Most recent additions to tutorials and demos
_2.The Microcomputer Revolution History from PBS series
_3. What is assembly language - Assembly Language is
_4. PC symbols - decimal - binary - hexadecimal - 0 thru 255
_5. PC keyboard scan codes for NoShift + Shift + Cr l + Alt
_6. and an open book TEST to measure what you have learned
_7. PC text mode video display addresses in decimal and hex
_8. and suggest that you print them for quick/handy reference
_9. Recommended beginner/intermediate video textbooks for PCs
10. Simplest PC assembly language program = "Hello World!"
11.and an open book TEST to measure what you have learned
12. Intel 80286 instuctions helper TSR program for newcomers
14. Assembly language instruction programs
15. A86 assembler author, Eric Isaacson, homepage - the best
16. A few assembly language lessons for newcomers to assembler
17. Intel 80XXX assembly language libraries (helper applications)
18. HELPPC Intel Programmer's Guide equivalent 286/386/486
19. Tiny demo program to illustrate ESC key go to DOS prompt
20. Type a line-Display a line-Simplesville in Assembler (demo)
21. Links to PC Assembly Language tutorials, books and FAQs
22. Fundamental hex to decimal conversion program for newcomers
23. Draw 160x100 pixel rectangles in 15 colors in text mode
24. Encode/Encrypt ASCII using the ROL and ROR rotate functions
25. Temperature conversion for Centigrade and Fahrenheit
26. BCD arithmetic-packed add, subtract, multiply and divide
27. Arithmetic quiz for knowledgeable users
28. Signed arithmetic-placing the decimal point and dividend after idiv
29. Virus & Trojan Horse awareness is good practice on the Internet
30. Display text in a rainbow of 16 colors - assembly language demo
31. How to make your .gif graphics transparent on your homepages
32. Text to speech is fun and games - discussion & recommendation
33. Indexed arrays - how to write them using PC assembly language
34. Multiplication by Adding - an excellent program for newcomers
35. Convert hex doubleword to ASCII hex string + many conversions
36. Convert binary strings to ASCII hexadecimal and ASCII decimal
37. Draw rectangle with name in center in any colors you wish
38. Two's complement arithmetic is a dead dog
39. Input 8 unsigned digits - square them and display ASCII result
40. Save a video page in memory and restore it with source code
41. Mouse fundamentals for newcomers to assembly language
42. Simplesville read and write files from and to disk for beginners
43. PC Speaker - sending sounds from a PC's acoustic transducer
44. Type a line from the keyboard and display it backwards
45. Get your PC compatible computer's interrupt vectors
46. Type character on a line & display its character in hexadecimal
47. Set background and foreground colors any way you wish
48. Unpack & display a VGA 640x480 pixel 16 color .PCX graphic
49. Plot a name to overlay a VGA mode13h 320x200 .PCX graphic
50. Display a PC compatible computer's BIOS DATE
51. Simplest real time clock - pseudo Terminate & Stay Ready
52. Set/Unset file's attribute to hidden or unhidden
53. Count keys pressed using only alphabet + digits + F1 to F10
54. Append a file in assembler - simplesville with source code
55. Password protect openning a computer - 3 tries then reboot
56. Search an array horizontally and vertically for a string
57. "Typematic" Keyboard Function for IBM PC AT compatibles
58. Disassemblers for .COM/.EXE files are a SCAM for newcomers
59. Protect openning a computer - change password each time - 1 try
60. Test your browser's compatibility with the ISO8859-1 table
61. Simple choice routine & simple random number generator routine
62. Simplest 10 question multiple choice test in assembler
63. Change video display background color in text mode tutorial
64. Convert a typed in number zero to 255 to a binary string
65. Another Roswell for those who believe in UFOs ? ? ? ?
66. $80 Telecomputing Assembly Language correspondence course
67. The BEST Terminate and Stay Ready program on the Internet
68. Type three strings and display as a single string (concatenate)
69. Display a help file by parsing the command line for ""
70. Display a help file by parsing the command line for "/h"or "/?"
71. Type three lines and count length & vowels (aeiou) in each line
72. Move a white box on the video display with the arrow keys
73. Get your hard disk drive C:'s serial number-DOS 4.0 or higher
74. "Yetch a Sketch" DOS drawing program for assembler newcomers
75. How to rename, RLL pack & save 16 color 640x480 .PCX graphic
76. "Yetch A Sketch" drawing program using the ZSoft .PCX format
77. Add a name to a namelist file.   If a duplicate advise and restart
78. BROWSE most any text file complete with its source code
79. Display total hits on all demos and tutorials yesterday
80. List floppy drives + hard drives + CDROM if it is installed
81. Display software generated square waves - two different ways
82. R Moon's links to assembler related tutorial & demo web sites
83. Simplest digital stopwatch pseudo TSR - with source code
84. Preloading images for almost instant display on your homepage
85. Freehand draw in MODE 3 text mode using your MOUSE
86. Eric Isaacson's convert MASM program for assembler
87. Demonstrate a warm reboot in assembly language w/source code
88. NEW Copy a file from one directory to another with source code
89. Interactive QUIZ - a quiz about number 88 above
90. Draw a white bouncing ball 10x10 pixels on a 160x280 rectangle
91. Draw vertical lines in text mode ah,3 int 10h using interrupt 10h
92. Easily activate a .com or .exe file from your HTML program
93. Web Based Training solutions-the active classroom discussion
94. Displaying Windows in DOS mode using assembly language
96. Component / Algorithm re-use in Assembly Language
97. Send user's form data to yourself from your homepage
98. Indent or draw a line in color without a graphics draw program
99. Using HTML 4.0 functions--only if you have Netscape 4.0 and up
100. Click to go anywhere in an HTML document--tutorial/demo
101. Are computers capable of thinking? YES, the Turing Test
102. Customize a font file any way you wish using assemler
103. Best distance learning - Open University UK 150,000 students
104. Chautauqua Yacht Club eastern C-Scow sailboat Regatta 1999
105. QUOKKASPORTS total immersion sports PROGRAMS
106. Famous George Mallory lost on Mount Everest 1924 discovered
107. Getting a jump on hurricane formation - a tutorial
108. Dr. William Gray's Statistical 1999 Atlantic hurricanes forecast
109. Hurricane frequently asked questions by Dr. Chris Landsea
110. Solving Einstein's equations on supercomputers
111. Making sense out of a new WINTEL NT server hit counter
112. Set date and time stamps any file 1980 thru 2079
113. Hong Kong University lecturer recommends my tutorials/demos
114. Grandad building a steam engine driven electric generator