IF you have a problem getting Windows 95 to recognize the Modem you have installed try this trick which works perfectly for me.

1. After booting up and displaying "My Computer" on the first regular page select it.

2. IF Windows 95 was correctly installed it SHOULD display the Control Panel option. Select it.

3. Now select "Modems" and then select "Properties."

4. For the Standard Modem and any others select "Remove" for each one.

5. Now turn off the computer. Count slowly to 10 and restart the computer.

6. Go to the Internet and when the program asks you to "CONNECT" to the Modem it should Automatically do so when you click CONNECT. Windows 95 is pretty smart on this one.

I used think that Windows 95 was a totally stupid Program. This feature is smarter than the average "bear." Thanks to Mike Topper for this tip.

Good luck!

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