I have divided my FlyBoy career into 15 Chapters. You may start off with any Chapter you wish by selecting Chapter 1 through Chapter 15. Each Chapter's end allows you to go on to the next Chapter, backup to the previous Chapter, return to this index page or return to my homepage. Click the line below to read what it is like to take off in an Aeronca C-3 with a 36 horsepower engine on floats from Chautauqua Lake, New York.

Chapter 1: First solo & flying 36 horsepower Aeronca C-3 on floats
Chapter 2: Got my Private License and Princeton University flying
Chapter 3: Primary & Basic Training at the West Point of the Air
Chapter 4: Advanced Fighter Pilot Training - Mustangs & Jets
Chapter 5: 15th Tactical Reconnaissance/Fighter Group Pope AFB
Chapter 6: 20th Jet Fighter Group-Republic Thunderjets Shaw AFB
Chapter 7: Radiological Defense College-Biloxi, Mississippi
Chapter 8: One year at Eniwetok Atoll - 11 H-bomb ignition tests
Chapter 9: Tactical Air Command Radiological Defense Instructor
Chapter 10: Capital/United Air Lines pilot & radar Instructor
Chapter 11: Fun aircraft I owned when with General Scientific
Chapter 12: Flying my Schwiezer 1-26 sailplane in Virginia thermals
Chapter 13: Aircraft I flew when with Litton Industries
Chapter 14: Navigator Systems Division of International Tel. and Tel.
Chapter 15: International Telephone and Telegraph Corp. World Hdqs.