I have been using the freebie WS_FTP.EXE program for many year to transfer files to my homepage which is named: / in my C:\subdirectory. It is a difficult and complex program to setup correctly and after about 7 years I had forgotten how to do it.

All was not LOST as I finally discovered a much simpler way to transfer and/or add to files in that irksome / directory. The real trick was using FTP instead of HTTP in my bookmark that took me to my homepage. FTP displays the object code rather than the working code in my son's Windows NT server in Connecticut AND offers the upload facility from any DOS subdirectory I wish. It is a beautiful and simple solution that works perfectly in Windows 95 or Windows 98.

It only takes 10 to 15 minutes every evening at 7:00 PM EST = midnight Greenwich UTC to up date my visitors per day graphic file which displays daily visitors for the last month as well as the current month. The file for February and March 2002 is displayed below.

What follows are the number of steps I take every evening to update the daily visitor count to my homepage. Again, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to accomplish all the steps in this task.

First step:
Windows NT at 7:00 PM EST on my son's server, lists ALL the visitors' daily ACTIONS on my homepage are at: FTP://BOBRICH@BOBRICH.LEXITECH.COM/VISTOR/W3SVC18/.
The file for February 23, 2002, Saturday is, labeled: EX020323.LOG which I copy to my DEMO directory on drive D. The demo directory has a tiny file in it that counts the number of times each visitor has invoked the INDEX.COM function which roughly measures the number of visitors to my homepage for that day.

Second step:
I then take that count to my old favorite drawing program, PAINTBRUSH5+ and draw in the graphic vertical bar for this count in the vertical color for that day of the week and save it in FEBMAR.GIF. You may use any graphic drawing program that is your favorite.

Third step:
Now go to Windows and LVIEWPRO.EXE.. Set H:\FEBMAR.GIF's background color to the approrpriate color and save it in Windows HOTDOG.EXE the web's browser. You are almost done.

Fourth step: I then go to CNN.COM which is my Internet's start up program and select in my BOOKMARKS Directory of / which has: FTP://BOBRICH.LEXITECH.COM/ in it which is my homepages' object code. Select FILE twice and it will display "Upload file." Select type of file "All files. Then select drive G: = Hotdog. Click OK and it will upload the new FEBMAR.GIF to its directory.

You may need your password to go to the two FTP locations. That is all there is to it.....10 to 15 minutes elapsed time at most and NO cranky WS_FTP.EXE to contend with.

Good luck!