About 8 years ago I found a neat little program for converting a text page into an acceptable .html page. Over the years and many versions of Windows later I somehow lost the conversion program.

I was distraught after searching for it with google, yahoo and lycos, etc.

Ater trying a half dozen or so conversion programs for "text to html" I was completely disgusted. They added goofy underlines between lines, were put together with stupid frames or were of the generally ugly variety.

After I had about given up on my text to html search, I gave the venerable, old Simtel a search and found exactly what I was looking for. IF you would like to download the "" I found go to "" first.

Second click DOS.

Third click Internet.

Fourth click Internet Tools.

Fifth click download at U.S. site and save it to disk. Then unzip it to any file you wish .

Using the unzipped makehtm.exe to convert your ASCII text named text1.txt to text1.htm merely type :

makehtm text1.txt text1.htm /AUTOFULL /LB+ and press enter.

That is all that is necessary to convert a typical ASCII source code file to a near perfect htm file.

I say "near perfect" because it skips the spaces after a source code is displayed BEFORE the comments (if used) but does include the semicolon before the comments are displayed.

IF you would like see what the converted source code to .htm format looks like select the underlined line below. It is the assembler source code for my program which counts the number of visitors to my homepage. Use your BACK button to return here.

Converted ASCII (text) source code for

Good luck!

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