Select any of the Chautauqua Institution maps below to display them.

1. Highway mileage to the Chautauqua Institution summer resort.
2. New York state map with the Chautauqua Institution location.
3. Chautauqua Institution and vicinity map of Chautauqua County.
4. Maps of the Chautauqua Institution are divided into six sections.
5. West Central section including main entrance gate from highway.
6. North Central section including Colonnade administration building.
7. East Central Section including Amphitheater and Athenaeum hotel.
8. Southeast Section including Boys/Girls clubs and boat lift/ ramp.
9. Northwest Section including Packard Manor and Wahmeda boundary.
10. South Central map including oldest book club in the world.
11. Chautauqua Symphony in the Chautauqua Amphitheater.
12, Norton Hall opera hall / theater seating and stage.
13. Chautauqua Yacht Club - largest C-scow fleet in the world.
14. Bird - Tree - Garden Club - Chautauqua Humming Bird.
15. Colonnade administration building - second floor offices.
16. Colonnade administration building - first floor lobby and shops.
17. Police Chief Akin in 1890's uniform on mobile conveyance.
18. 1996 season week days calendar.
19. Restaurants at Chautauqua - Map with names and locations.
20. Hotels at Chautauqua - Map with names and locations.
21. Cover page only - Summer School class listings 160 + courses.
22. Pratt tram map - north route: was 'animated' with all stops.
23. Wythe tram map - south route: not animated - direction arrows.