After 10+ years of programming in Windows 3.1 switching to Windows 95 nearly drove me bananas.

I had subdirectories set up in psuedo drives from C: through I: and drive J: set up from my CDROM drive. I refused to give them up so after a dozen tries gave the computer to a local expert Windows Programmer named Mike Topper at M.T. Computers, Inc. Mike was a real wizard and in a couple of hours called me and said he was done......come pick up the computer.

In addition tp keeping all my psuedo drives D: through J:, Mike substituted a 3.3 Gig hardrive for the 1 Gig hard drive the computer originally had installing Windows 95 in drive C: I was delighted with his results and happily paid him the couple of hundreds dollars fee for the installation and new hard drive which was a downright exceptionally low price. His company is located only about 12 blocks from our home which is a great covenience.

Since Windows 95 allows the user to switch to the DOS mode I now began to realize the differences between Windows 95 and Windows 3.1. YES. The learning process was indeed a giant pain in ass. Most of the textbooks written about Windows 95 were written by imbeciles in 1994/1995 and included little or no information about working on the Internet. As such my my work was pretty much "cut and try."

The old HOTDOG web browser I dearly loved and used daily did not work on Windows 95......sad to say. I tried umpteen versions of HOTDOG5, HOTDOG16 and HOTDOG25 without success. I finally settled on a 1/2 way working version of Hotdog16, but it could not upload/download anything but but .html files, sad to say. Could not even work with .zip files in any format! Sausage Software, the creators of the HOTDOG web browser tried every trick working with me unsuccessfully until I gave up.

End of sad story. Maybe I will take the computer to Mike Topper's shop and see what he can do to fix this problem. Till then, I cannot offer readers of my homepage any .zip file programs even though Windows 95 can hopefully somehow be correctly corrected for this problem.

Good luck!